With Fashion Week hitting New York this week, I’m seeing lots of women in teetering heels stumbling through puddles. Fun! An easier way to get stylish this week, is with these sweet designer iPad 2 cases from none other than Project Runway winner Seth Aaron.

Also, they’re less likely to lead to broken ankles.

The Maroo by Seth Aaron iPad cases just went on sale at flash sale site Fab.com this week so hurry while there are still some left because the prices are, well, fab.

The leather exteriors are funky but durable (I love those big pink polkadots!), and the canvas interior keeps things cushy for your beloved tablet.

seth aaron ipad cases

It also has a smart corner bumper design for klutzes like me, which inspires confidence. After all, if you’re going to shell out big bucks for a designer iPad case, it had better actually protect your iPad. –Liz

To grab these designer iPad 2 cases at Fab.com, log on using our invite link. It’s a great deal! If you miss the sale, you can still find the Seth Aaron series of iPad cases online at Maroo.

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