Every time I get my statement from Comcast, I cringe. Between the high-speed wireless, phone and TV services, our bill is astronomical. Unfortunately, there’s only one cable/phone provider in my area so for the time being, I’m stuck between a rock and a telecom monopoly. Or am I?

Ooma, the funny looking phone with the funny name (I’m sure they’d be pleased with that tagline) offers next-generation VoIP phone service at a fraction of the cost of what you’re paying your big cable company. The phone base, called the Telo, plugs into your router or modem but uses your existing phones/cordless handsets for instant access to cheaper calls.

But rather than having the unit tethered to your already crowded modem area, the company just announced a new add-on accessory for the Telo, making it completely wireless. No cords! With this adapter, you can move the base unit anywhere in range of your home Wi-Fi and have wire-free calling with your existing handsets.

I haven’t had the opportunity to test out the service yet, but from all accounts, the call quality is the same you have now. I’m intrigued by this Telo. My telecom bill may be getting a bit smaller in the near future. -Jeana

Ooma Telo retails for $249.99. The wireless adapter sells for $49.99. (Seems steep, but with my phone bills, it’ll pay itself off in about 7 months)

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