For five terrifying minutes when he was a toddler, I lost my son. More precisely: he ran away from me in a crowded mall, thinking he was playing a marvelous game. Obviously we found him and all was well, but those were a very long five minutes.

If you have a child with autism or other neurological impairment, you may have difficulty explaining to parents of neurotypical kids how and why your child sometimes wanders off or bolts, simply because they can’t understand that it’s a safety issue. But the real issue for you is how figuring out a way you can always find your kid, and bring him back safe and sound.

EmFinders has the solution: The EmSeeQ, a watchband-mounted device that’s actually a tiny cell phone and tracking device. It’s difficult to remove; in fact they say they’ve only had one report of it being removed by the wearer.

If your loved one goes missing, you remotely activate the signal for the wristband to call 911 and report its location.

It’s small, comfortable (even for a kid), and unobtrusive, yet it’s reassurance that you’ll always know where to find even the fastest of runners. And if you’re parenting a child with special needs, that’s peace of mind you can use. -Mir

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