Handstand iPad accessory
When my oldest was born, I remember holding her like she was an expensive, slippery vase that might somehow squirm out of my hands while I was trying to multitask. Maybe that’s why I liked wearing her in a baby carrier where she felt nice and secure strapped against my body. And that’s kind of how I feel about this new way of hanging onto my iPad 2, which is my other baby these days.

The nifty Handstand iPad holder (now known as the Rev360) straps onto my hand, letting me hang onto my beloved tablet while freeing the other one to type, swipe and tap the screen, or even just fling a bunch of disgruntled birds at some pigs.

Along with the flexible strap, there is a little raised grip pad on which to rest your fingers which was designed with ergonomics in mind—let’s just say it feels good. This grip pad also double-times as an angled stand when you need both hands free. And another really cool feature is that the grip pad provides a pivot point so you can spin my iPad from portrait to landscape and then back again.

For us eco-minded techies, major props that this U.S.-made holder is molded from 100% recycled plastic and resin. And if you’re dying for something besides basic black, the Handstand also comes in white and pink, the color I chose because I can spot where the kids left it from across the room.

One thing to keep in mind: Unlike some cases that cover both the front and the back of the iPad, the Handstand just snaps onto the back and has no front cover to “close” when the tablet isn’t in use. I thought it would bother me to leave my “baby” so exposed, but now I just slip the entire thing into a padded sleeve when it’s not attached to me. Ahhhh, safe and sound. -Christina

Edited to add: The Handstand iPad holder has been renamed the Rev360 and features a few modifications like an easier on/off case, more patterns and colors, and a version that is compatible with the Smart Cover. It is available at the Hub Innovations website.

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