One of the biggest barriers to using those SLR cameras that so many of us have gathering dust, is the actual carrying of it. When you’re toting your stuff, your kids, and all your kids’ stuff, having a huge camera around your neck isn’t quite a priority. But now that I’ve found this dandy little camera sling, I think it could make me love my SLR again.

The Luma Loop basically reinvents a camera strap with a tough lanyard that attaches to any strap mount point on the camera. So your SLR (or any camera, really) can rest right on your hip if you sling it around one shoulder; or if you keep it in a camera bag, you can attach it to the leather strap super fast. Check out the site for lots of photos that make it very clear.

Is it sturdy? Luma Labs has partnered with the company that developed sling connectors for US Marine Corps rifles. So I’ll say yes. And I’ll also say it can handle a kid tugging on it every time she wants your attention. That’s not just my kids, right? –Liz

The Loop and other pro camera carrying options can be found online from Luma Labs.

[via unplggd]

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