The idea of trips with the girlfriends or big family vacations sound amazing until you actually have to plan and organize them. Then, let’s just say the magic disappears pretty quickly. That’s why I’m super excited about a new site that is aiming to take all the hassle out of group vacation planning so you can actually, well, enjoy yourself.

Meet Itinerus, the first service that’s exclusively dedicated to help people plan, organize and coordinate group travel, giving you tools to help you do everything from schedule your trip, pick your lodging and activities, even make decisions, which if you’ve traveled with a group, then you know can be mindblowingly painful. Through the site, people can work together and share ideas without having to exchange 500 emails (whoo!).

As Itinerus launches and grows, they’ll be adding more features, like local travel tips as well as discounts and deals. And less arguing. Okay, so maybe they can’t promise that but from what I can tell, it’s not that far off. -Kristen

To get more information about Itinerus and get notified when they’re launching (very soon!), head over to their site and sign up!

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