So, not to scare you or anything, but I went to my local drugstore today and there was a Christmas display up. Santa Clauses, lights, snowglobes. Oh, how I wish I were kidding about this.

But! There’s good news–especially if you have a tech-lover in your life.

I’m fairly sure you can knock out, like, 90% of holiday stress with Best Buy‘s brand new Pitch In Card. Let’s say someone you like wants a Kindle Fire (and who could blame them?). But it’s $199.99–not exactly spare change, but you still want to help them get that thing. The Pitch In Card lets you give whatever you can, or whatever you want to, toward their purchase of choice.  It’s a very smart idea for gadget gift-giving for a group, and I wouldn’t be surprised if other retailers start jumping on with a similar program.

It’s like if a gift card and a promo code had a baby–okay, weird image, but your giftee will love it. Um, in two and a half months, when it’s officially the holidays, of course. -Lexi

Help someone get the gadget of their dreams at Best Buy with a Pitch In Card

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