Part of me is a little embarrassed at how many hours I spent playing Tetris. The other part of me wishes I could still just sit back in a bean bag chair and flip and drop shapes in the quiet of my college dorm. Since that won’t be happening, I’ve found a way that Tetris can fit into my current lifestyle — on my wrist.

The way cool¬†Tetris-themed bracelet¬†from Loominosity¬†is handwoven on a loom and features all the familiar bright-colored shapes on the game in Czech and Japanese seed beads. And yes, it even has the “game over” message as well.

What I might love most is that from afar, the bracelet just looks like an on-trend accessory. But up close, we geeky gaming types will appreciate the carefully-placed shapes. -Kristen

You can purchase the Tetris-themed bracelet at Loominosity on

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