If you find yourself in front of your computer or smart phone more than you are in front of a baby book, you may love how easy it is to record all your pregnancy thoughts onto this brand new digital storybook site, courtesy of the UK mega baby brand Tommee Tippee. And it won’t even cost you a penny (or British pound).

Of course The Day Baby Was Born does what a lot of similar sites do, providing you with a template, as well as writing prompts like “When My Water Broke, I Was…” to help you get the creative juices flowing. But what I really love about it is the way it makes use of social media.

This website links up with Facebook to make this more than just a single person’s record and recollection of your birth. Announce your pregnancy–as well as the birth of your babe–through the digital storybook interface and all of those amazing comments and notes of congratulation can be pulled into your baby book. Smart.

The Day Baby Was Born Facebook

And yes, you can delete the “Holy S*&t!” comment from your teenage nephew.

Since I get all my news online, I appreciate that I can pull everything from the weather to entertainment and sports updates from various news outlets into the book, so that my baby can know what Charlie Sheen was up to the very moment he was born. The finished product can be then downloaded to your computer, shared on Facebook, or even printed.

One other thing: Yes, this free site is sponsored by Tommee Tippee, but in the couple of weeks since I created an account I have not received any pleas from Tommee Tippee to buy products. That’s a nice feature for sure. -Christina

Start creating your free digital baby book from Tommee Tippee at The Day Baby Was Born.