Just when I thought it wasn’t possible for my kids to love Eric Carle even more, CMP fave Night & Day Studios turns their all-time fave book into a cool iPad counting app that they just can’t put down.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar app¬†features five levels of various counting and math games, all of which flawlessly incorporate Carle’s iconic artwork. My three older kids (3, almost 5, and 7) are adequately challenged with the various levels of play that progress developmentally so that they have fun without getting too frustrated. Even I’m having a good time with the highest level.

Similar to their outstanding “My Very First App,” you get a slew of language translations and activities that I feel completely justifies the $2.99 price tag. And given how much my kids already play this app, and well, me too, I’m more than happy to drop the cash.¬†-Kristen

You can purchase The Very Hungry Caterpillar app at iTunes.com

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