We’re thrilled to welcome Ernest Martinez as our guest Dads Dig This blogger. He’s Creative Director of Radio Disney and lead on-air personality, known to both his colleagues and millions of listeners as “Ernie D.” You can catch him on-air each weekday afternoon.

As a parent of four including a newborn, I can’t live without my iPhone. So this is one app that makes my life easier, all without me having to spend a dime.

Because I travel quite a bit for work, I am always in new places with my kids. Not knowing your surroundings is never fun, so in these situations I rely on the Yelp app. This way I am always in-the-know even in new surroundings, like finding nearest gas station or grocery store, best parks to visit, and most importantly, finding great, family-friendly places to eat with my kids.

You can download the Yelp app for free at iTunes.com or from Yelp for Android from Google Play

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