When I was in junior high, I remember a phase when all I wanted to do was create these photo montages, where I would take a big ‘ol piece of posterboard and glue pictures of me and my friends onto them. Where I would get really fancy is when I’d cut out words from magazines to accompany the photos like “BFF” and “girl talk”–all plentiful in any Seventeen magazine.

Photo montages with glue sticks and magazine cut-outs are still popular, and with site like Zuzee, the craft now enters the digital era.

Admittedly, when I saw the pitch about a creative “social network” aimed at tween girls, I raised a skeptical brow. But after checking it out, it’s a really cute site for tweens (girls and boys!) who like to flex their creative muscles and create scrapbook-like memories with their photos.

Since the site just launched, the designs are somewhat limited in quantity, but I’m sure that many more will be added as site development progresses.

In addition to being able to create scrapbooks, photo pages and cards, the social networking element lets girls “friend” each other to view each others’ creations, comment and collaborate on projects. I really like that safety is a main priority on the site, with Zuzee incorporating many parental controls that allow you to monitor activity and view your kid’s designs.If your kids are going to be online, I really think Zuzee is a site that you’ll be happy letting them explore. -Jeana 

The basic membership is free at Zuzee and lets users build a profile, upload photos, and get creative with the inspiring designs. An introductory offer for a Zuzee All Access Pass Z Pass is also free, providing access to extra designs, special user icons, gifts and an unlimited catalogue of personal designs. After the introductory period, membership is $39.95 a year, or $4.99 per month.