CoulVue iPad travel mount (Spock not included)When you’ve exhausted the road trip games, the naps ain’t happening and the snacks are all gone, it may be time to whip out the digital entertainment card.

Enter, the iPad. 

Rather than endure the arguments about whose turn it is, you can make it a more pleasurable viewing experience with this smart headrest mount.

The CoulVue is like other iPad mounts we’ve reviewed, but where
it’s different is the adjustability potential and flexibility. The
CoulVue’s arm folds out, and you can also tilt the screen so everyone in
the back seat can see it.

For your sake and sanity, doing whatever you
can to avoid kid tiffs on those long car rides is highly recommended. –Jeana 

The CoulVue iPad travel mount is available for both iPad and iPad 2 for
$79.99 at TouCoul