Cyber Monday shopping tips
Just in case you didn’t get your shopping done on Black Friday or you were waiting for bigger, better deals, Cyber Monday is upon us, which means lots of discounts on all sorts of techy goodness. Hooray for more shopping!

Before you get overwhelmed with where to go and what to buy, we’ve got three tips to help you focus your shopping energy and keep your eye on the prize: knocking everyone off your holiday shopping list within your budget so you can buy yourself an iPad 2. Oh wait, maybe that’s just us?

1. Check our crystal ball: We can’t say enough good things about, whose site and new app will help save you time and money.
Within a few seconds, you can see the best price for your item and
whether you should buy it or wait until the price drops.

2. Old deals are still good deals:
Make a quick sweep of our handy Black Friday tech deals round-up post as many of those discounts are still good through Cyber Monday. We also recommend checking big stores like Best Buy or who have had outstanding deals all weekend long.

3. Visit Cool Mom Picks. Heard of them?: We’ve rounded up a slew of Cyber Monday deals over at Cool Mom Picks – some tech, some not – that will help make your shopping decision a lot easier. Or harder if you see some of these discounts.

BONUS: Keep an eye out on both our Twitter feeds (@coolmompicks and @coolmomtech) for deals all day long, as well as the #CyberMonday hashtag.

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