Weird Al Eat It
While most people are dreaming about what foods they are going to (over)eat on Thursday, my picky eater is already loudly proclaiming everything he hates about Thanksgiving: Mashed potatoes are yucky. Turkey is yucky. Pie is yucky. You get the idea.

In this spirit, my download of the week is an oldie but goodie, and it is what I’m going to be saying to my beloved son every time he turns his nose up yet another hot dish of deliciousness: Eat It!

Though I’ve laughed about Weird Al Yankovic’s Eat It since it came out in 1984, it took me becoming the mom of a hard-to-feed child to appreciate the lyrics which sound a lot like me at dinnertime most nights. Just eat it, eat it.

You may want to start humming the tune now in anticipation of the moment Aunt Betty’s “famous” sweet potato casserole comes down the table toward your less adventurous epicure. And Happy Thanksgiving! –Christina

Download the classic Weird Al tune Eat It from our affiliate Amazon.

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