Mint Plus robotic floor cleanerNow that we have adopted a large, hairy lab, I am fighting a losing battle against little black hairs everywhere. So when I spotted this latest weapon in the battle against dirty floors, I couldn’t resist giving it a try. And though the latest robotic floor cleaner doesn’t suck (literally—it’s not a vacuum), it is a pretty cool tool to have in my arsenal against floor ick.

Mint Plus floor cleaner is an ideal device for those in-between days when I don’t really need to
do a major vacuum job but just need to sweep up the floor of fur, dust and light debris. Unlike my beloved Roomba vacuum or the powerful Neato, Mint Plus is more like a robotic Swiffer sweeper.

At first, I didn’t really understand the appeal of a floor cleaner that could only “collect” dust and hair, but not vacuum it up, but I quickly became a convert when I saw the results.

Using either the supplied reusable cloth or a Swiffer dust cloth, plus its nifty NorthStar
Navigation cube that acts like an indoor GPS, the little robot shushes across my hardwoods and tile, picking up all sorts of dirt and dust, even in the corners or around the legs of chairs. If my kids were still crawling, I’d kiss this thing for keeping my kids from looking like a dog-hair-covered dust mop at the end of the day.

Mint Plus also does a decent job wet mopping with a damp cloth attachment and a refillable chamber for water and floor cleaner. While it didn’t give me the same result as a mop-and-bucket scrub, it works for those in-between scrubs.

One of my favorite things about Mint Plus is how quiet it is, especially compared to my trusty Roomba. New mamas could easily run it at naptime without fear of waking the baby; in fact, I’d often forget it was running, only to enter a room to be startled by it quietly working away. And without the suction of a vacuum, there is less need to worry about it gobbling up LEGO bricks or getting caught on wires or shoelaces. It avoids my many throw rugs too and has a sensor to keep it from going down stairs.

One might ask, with a Roomba, do I really need another robot cleaning my floors? My answer: Have you seen my dog? Christina

Evolution Robotics’ Mint Plus robotic floor cleaner is available for under $300 at our affiliate Amazon. Thank you to them for providing us one for review.