Now that we all own a laptop, a camera, a smartphone or two, and who knows what else, we all need great gadget cases. How wonderful that there are so many that our functional and fabulous all at once.

Best tech cases of 2011: Seth Aaron iPad case

For the iPad: Seth Aaron iPad cases for Maroo
Liz: I have had more people ask where I got my iPad case this year, than nearly any non-tech accessory I own. That’s saying something. Project Runway winner Seth Aaron’s line of cases for Maroo are a little punk, a little high-fashion, and still smartly crafted to offer serious protection. I love it.

Best iPhone cases of 2011: Knit cases by Magda Seyeg

for the iPhone: Magda Seyeg “knit” iPhone cases
Kristen: From a distance it
looks like a handknit case, but then when you get up close you realize
that it’s even better: cool images of Magda Seyeg’s original knit
creations. Plus, I just like being able to say the word “yarnbomb.”

Coolest Droid cases of 2011: Vintage character cases

for the Droid: Vintage character cases
Kristen: With all the cool iPhone cases out there, it’s easy for Droid users to get a little jealous. But I was pretty impressed with the vintage character cases at, which might just be the coolest way to sport your love for Mickey. Bonus: They’ve got Muppet cases too!

Best tablet sleeve: Ceccec clutch

For any tablet: Ceccec clutch
Kristen: I might just love this gorgeous, fashionable clutch more than my iPad 2 that’s inside. Enough said.

Best laptop bag: Knomo Sella Laptop Backpack

For a laptop: Knomo Sella Laptop Backpack
Liz: Knomo took a page from Chanel with their quilted nylon laptop backpack, only without the designer pricetag. And you thought laptop backpacks were just for IT guys.

Best NOOK cases: Jonathan Adler

For a NOOK: Jonathan Adler NOOK cases
Kristen: I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a Jonathan Adler NOOK case for my new NOOK tablet, and boy, it doesn’t disappoint. Sure, my case is well protected, but I love looking at the bright, bold design every day almost as much as I like playing with my new baby.

Best Kindle cases: Classic Book Covers

For a Kindle: M-edge Classic Book Kindle Cases
Kristen: I just love the irony of reading a digital book wrapped in a classic book jacket. Though if those authors actually knew what I had behind their covers they might roll over in their graves. Heh.

Best camera bag: Epiphanie Lyric

For a camera: The Epiphanie Lyric Bag
Epiphanie is fast becoming a camera-toting mama essential, and this year saw the introduction of some beautiful new styles including the Lyric Bag. On the outside it looks like a fashionable leather bag. But inside, it lets you tote a professional camera, lenses, and your tablet all in well-protected style.