Cool car tech: Belkin headphone splitterAs the holidays fast approach, I give thanks for having family nearby, especially when I feel myself nodding sympathetically to those endure the many hours-long car rides to get to relatives’ houses.  

For them and for all Cool Mom Tech readers who are gearing up for a holiday travel adventure (calling it that makes it more fun, right?), here are a few gadgets that I can be a huge help during the long trip–er, adventure: 

earphones in, the car is nice and quiet. That is, until the youngest
who has just woken up, wants to partake in the entertainment portion of
the ride. When you have the Belkin Rockstar multi headphone splitter,
there are no fights over who gets to use the headphones and listen to
Cars 2 that’s playing on the iPad. Equal opportunity
listening at its best. ($10.97 from our affiliate Amazon)

Energizer Dual USB car charger 
You and your co-pilot’s iPhones are
both running out of power an hour into the drive. Is there an epic
battle for whose phone reigns over the car charger? Not with the
Energizer dual car charger. Both phones will be powered harmoniously
together during the trip. ($11.63 at Amazon
Logitech kids' earphones

Logitech Ultimate Ears Headphones for Kids 

headphones can give you (and everyone else in the car) a much more
pleasant travel experience, you also want to make sure that kids’ ears
aren’t getting damaged in the process. These Ultimate Ears headphones
are designed specifically for kids and reduce maximum volume by up to
30% of regular earbuds. Plus they come in cool colors. ($14.95 at Amazon


If travel is your M.O. for most holidays, you may want to
consider getting OnStar installed in your car. It’s so awesome, we just
to include it on our 10 hot tech holiday gift list this year.
It’s a rear view mirror device plus subscription service that allows you
magically speak to through your mirror and in return, get
everything from driving directions, to local rest stops for those
inevitable “I have to pee, NOW!” moments.  Plus all that roadside
assistance and emergency help–from actual real people, not a computer. 
(The service is about $19-$29 per month, after installation)
CoolVue iPad car headrest mount
We’ve checked out a lot of tablet
mounts for the car
, bu CoulVue iPad Mount seems to be the best
peacemaker for multiple backseat passengers. Mount it on the back of
your headrest, and the flexible arm ensures that everyone can see the
screen. Just plug those earphones in using that Belkin splitter, and
you’re all set for that 9 hour drive to the cousins’ house this year.
($79.99 at TouCoul)