LeapFrog Tag Solar System Adventure mapEveryone knows by this point that the LeapFrog LeapPad has become the must-have tech gift for the holidays this year. We love it so much that we included it as one of our 10 hottest holiday tech gifts in 2011. It’s a great toy–but the truth are, so are some other new educational LeapFrog games, which are wayyyyy easier to find right now.

If your kids have a Tag Reader,
or are ready for one, you should check out the LeapFrog
Solar System Adventure Map

It’s a really cool activity when your kids want to mix things up from
their Tag books and explore beyond Dora and Diego’s backyard. This three
foot-long, two-sided map reveals the entire solar system and endless cool
facts about the planetary system just by touching the Tag Reader to the
activation points. 

It’s geared for kids ages 4-8 and covers a
wide range of learning levels from general information about the
planets, to more detailed activities that weave in science, astronomy
and physics. It’s also nice that it folds up more compactly for travel and storage, a big change from their earlier Tag maps.

The price? Just under $14. The Tag Reader is separate, of course.

Whether your kid is a future scientist or just likes to look at the
stars, it’s a fabulous little gift. One that you shouldn’t have to throw
an elbow to grab from the toy shelf this year -Jeana 


Solar System Adventure Map is available from leapfrog.com for $13.99.
If geography is more your kid’s speed, also see our previous review of
the Leapfrog

Tag World Map