When I was a kid, I used to LOVE those video segments on PBS shows like Reading Rainbow and Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood that featured things being made or built. There was one visit to a crayon-making factory I hold in particular fondness. Trust me, it was compelling. 

My love of educational videos may be why I love a new app called Looking Glass. Looking Glass offers a host of video clips, similar to that crayon-making one, that give kids glimpses into all different topics like making pizza, horseback riding, tow trucks and more.

The video clips are of high-quality and are brief enough to keep kids
engaged – and most importantly, they are totally 100% kid-friendly. The app is recommended for kids ages 2-8, but
clearly I don’t meet that demographic and was still entertained.

Glass is available as a free download and it comes with five videos. To
continue expanding your video library, you can subscribe to the app’s
monthly service; $3.99 a month gets you  three new videos a week.

12 videos a month for $3.99? Try and find that at Blockbuster. –Jeana 

Eds: Regretfully we have to rescind our recommendation of Looking Glass. Multiple users have indicated that the new videos as promised do not arrive and the company (as we have found ourselves) is non-responsive. Sometimes small companies have good intentions but lose funding or for some reason, can’t follow through on plans; for this reason we strongly recommend finding alternative video app programs for your kids.

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