If Fitzwilliam Darcy gets your bustle in a buzz, you’re going to love the way he electrifies your gadgets, too.

This gorgeous gadget dock won’t get there by Christmas, sadly–but don’t let that stop you. Any Jane Austen fan worth her mustard (get it, mustard? Because the book is yellow?)  would swoon to have such a charming, well-made, and functional piece de resistance on her writing desk.

RichNeeleyDesigns on Etsy has an entire library of beautiful books transformed into sturdy gadget docks. Whether you’re into Dickens, Black Beauty, vintage tomes, or something custom, the dock is compatible with all iPhones and iPads via a USB cable, which isn’t included. 
No more fumbling your gadget behind the desk when a suitor comes to call and finds you penning ribald stories on your laptop. Now that’s what we call good fortune.~Delilah

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