Like? LOVE.My fellow geeks, we are a truly persnickety bunch, especially when it comes to social media. It takes a lot to earn our Likes, even more to earn our Shares, and a truly hilarious and Tina Fey-esque miracle to merit a DM.

These cards? Totes worthy of a Share.

If you’re into Facebook, you’ll Like the Facebook Addict Notecard Set from Pickle Dog Design on Etsy. Each set includes 4 Like cards, 4 Poke cards, and eight Facebook-blue envelopes. Of course, you don’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day to Poke the one you love. Heh.
I love you more than my iPhone card
If you treat your iPhone like a child, you can make a major statement with the “I love you more than my iPhone” card from the UK-based Storeyshop on Etsy. Each card is laser-cut based on a hand-drawn design with a textured white paper inlay to inscribe your message. Other designs include “I love you more than Twitter” and “I love you more than…” cake, shoes, ice cream, or Harry Potter, but… well, let’s make sure we’re telling the truth here.
You're in my range!
Our old pals at The Wallaroo have another super-nerdy choice with the “You are in my range” card. Because of course nothing’s more annoying than not getting a good signal from your wireless modem/significant other. They’ve always got geeks covered, including Star Wars cards, binary, QR codes, double rainbows, and mustaches, and you can also customize colors. –Delilah