Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor
I’m a new video baby monitor convert ever since I tried the Philips video baby monitor a couple of years ago. But with a few expecting friends and family members asking me for other options, I was interested in checking out the Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor MBP36, which seems to be the one most people are curious about these days.

Whether you’re finishing up your baby registry or just looking to upgrade your current monitor for little ones, here’s why I think you’ll definitely want to have this model on your radar.

Once you pop in the battery pack and plug in the parent monitor, the
Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor will be ready to go, giving what I’m
pretty sure is one of the best visual images I’ve seen (yes, even the
night vision!), mostly due to round camera that allows you to
zoom, as well as pan vertically and horizontally almost 360 degrees.

This means you don’t have to be absolutely perfect in your aim when you
set it up, and allows you some flexibility in where you put it; no needing to plant some table in the center of your room.

The 3.5 inch screen on the parent monitor is more than enough to keep an
eye on your little one while still keeping it sleek and portable, and buttons on the site allow you to control the camera, microphone and music features–handy but pretty standard for monitors these days.

They really did think of everything,
from a temperature monitor (so smart!) to small details
like marking which adapter is for what part of the monitor with little icons; that’s the kind of help a new mom can use when she’s totally sleep deprived. And you can even add a camera purchased separately if you’re feeling extra watchful, but I’d imagine it’s not necessary for most of us.

I do wish that the monitor came with a better stand; while it’s adequate in
keeping the monitor upright, mostly thanks to the help of the rubber
feet, it doesn’t quite feel up to the standards of such a high quality gadget. Still,
it’s a small complaint and one that you won’t even notice given the
other amazing features. Add this monitor to your registry stat, new mamas. This one’s a
keeper. -Kristen

You can purchase the Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor at our affiliate

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