ny times oscar ballot
Thank you, New York Times, for creating what’s probably the easiest, most useful online Oscar ballot I’ve ever seen.

Each category lists all the nominees, plus helpful little thumbnails to jar your memory. (Oh right, that’s Bérénice
Bejo.) You can invite friends via Facebook, which–super easy of
course–and lock your answers in before the night begins. You can even check out such “notable” ballots from folks
like Anthony Bourdain, Randy Jackson, and Nick Jonas, should they, for
some reason, have the inside track.

Personally, I’d check out James Lipton or A.O. Scott’s choices over Tabatha Coffey, but that’s just me.

The one thing I don’t like is that when you mouse over the nominees, it
shows you the percentage of voters who’ve picked that person. (Meryl
Streep and Viola Davis: Currently in a statistical dead heat!) I say, go with your gut, not with the masses.

Especially if you have
money on the line. Which would be illegal. So of course you don’t. –Liz

[h/t ernie schenk]

Grab your own New York Times Oscar Ballot, and get ready for tomorrow’s Academy Awards!


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