If you’re a regular reader of Cool Mom Tech, you know what big fans we are of Instagram, the ultra-cool iPhone app/social network (coming soon to Android!) that lets you edit, add effects to and share your beautiful photos. If you’re an Instagram fan too, you should check out its photo-sharing sister site, Webstagram

As you can guess from the name, Webstagram is a site
that lets you view all the Instagram photos of people you follow; it’s essentially a broader and complementary social networking site that
lets you browse pictures, modify or add to your follow lists, like and
comment on photos, and even search for any subject you want to gawk

While Instagram is fantastic as a mobile phone app, Webstagram is a nice touch when you’re on your computer and want access to your account. Simply
log-in with your username and password and you can find baby or
or Bieber tags to your heart’s content.

Great, just what we need, even more reasons to check out everyone’s amazing photos -Jeana

Visit Webstagram at, where else, Web.stagram.com.

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