Movies with Friends at FandangoThe last time I saw a movie that didn’t include talking cars, talking parrots or talking swashbuckling cats, was…well, honestly, I can’t remember the last time. I do have my eye on Moneyball since the Oscars, but Brad Pitt has nothing to do with it. Well, not much. Mostly it’s because my best friend just confirmed how awesome it is.

Recommendations from friends when it comes to movies is so helpful, especially since busy parents like us probably get few opportunities to get to the theater throughout the year. When we do manage to find a few hours and spring for a sitter, we want it to be good. No, great.

That’s why I’m really excited about the newly launched Fandango app for Facebook.

Fandango “Movies with Friends” app lets
you see movies that your friends have watched, rated and even ones they
want to see. Using some of Fandango’s funny “Must Go” or “Oh, No!”
ratings, you can instantly see which are worth your precious two hours.

Simply sign into Facebook through the link above and have access to all
your fellow Fandango friends (should you have any) to see their movie

You can even preview trailers that your
friends have watched, which is often a good way to find out about new
films. Besides, if you have a couple of girlfriends who are all eyeing
the same movie, the app gives you an excuse to plan a girls night out…with Brad Pitt. –Jeana

Check out the brand new  Fandango “Movies with Friends” app for Facebook