I Think I'm A Bunny
Look out Peter Cottontail, my kids have a new favorite on the block. And this bunny is really a monster who only thinks he’s a bunny in this adorable collaboration between a rabbity monster and one exasperated little girl.

Listening to musician Todd McHatton’s daughter gently arguing with the persistent, yet confused, bunny/monster makes me smile every time my kids play the catchy little tune I Think I’m A Bunny. It reminds me of all the times my kids insisted they were a spaceman or a puppy dog when I really needed them to get up off the floor and eat breakfast already.
And while puppet/child collaborations aren’t usually at the top of my list for things I want to hear again and again, I have no problem admitting that I sing this one for a long time after the song ends. My poor kids, they probably wish I was a bunny. Christina

You can hear, and download, I Think I’m A Bunny by Todd McHatton at this link. And for something super-cute, check out the video that goes along with the song.

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