The zombies are coming! Run away! Run away!
My workouts have been getting a little stale lately. Oh, all right, I’ll say it: I’m bored. I’m bored with my playlist, I’m bored my running route, I’m bored with the whole darn thing. 

But I think I’ve found the perfect thing to make my runs interesting again… fear.

Zombies, RUN! is one of the coolest fitness iPhone apps
I’ve seen in a long time. (And it’s coming to Android this spring.) In it, you’re cast as “Runner 5” during a
complete zombie apocalypse–your mission is to collect supplies, thwart
creepy zombies, and rebuild civilization, all while actually running.

you listen to the story on your headphones, the app keeps track of your
pace, time, and how many calories you’ve burned through each of the 13
missions, letting you know your stats as you run. I appreciate that it’s
entirely audio, so you don’t have to look down at your iPhone while you
go–you just go, with creepy zombie grunts following you. It’s highly motivating, more so than my tired old ’80s workout playlist.

the $7.99? For me, yes. “Don’t get eaten by zombies” is on my perpetual
to-do list. -Lexi

Turn your workout into a mission to save your braaaaains (heh) with the Zombies, RUN! fitness app for iOS
and soon, Android

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