After my huge, exhausting spring cleaning extravaganza last weekend, I found myself with a gigantic box of photos and absolutely no idea what to do with them. That was until I heard about this cool, new-to-me site that will scan and digitize all your old photos for you. By hand.

Meet ScanCafe, a genius site that will do everything from scan your VHS videos and your photos, to old negatives or even 35mm slides all for you. You simply box up everything you have (no need to sort or categorize), and they’ll scan everything for you by hand, even adjusting and editing for brightness and orientation, plus cropping and cleaning.

Once they’re finished, you get to review everything and–this is awesome–only pay for the ones you want. You’ll get your originals back along with the DVD of all your scans in the mail.

Of course, the most important part is that aside from the reasonable price, the quality is amazing, even for a photo snob. The only downside is taking the plunge to mail your precious photos to them. However, the joy you’ll get out of actually seeing your old photos, negatives, and family videos in digitized form certainly outweighs the super low risk.

You can learn more about professional photo scanning services at Thanks for the tip, Joni!