take charge gadget charger caseWhile our tech is getting smaller (brick phones of 1992, anyone?) it seems like my handbag isn’t. I’m now carrying around chargers, wires, converters…gah. 

I’ve learned that my best bet is to keep it all organized instead of just tossing it “in there somewhere” which is always my first inclination. 

How cute is this Take Charge charger case
spotted at Spoon Sisters? About 10″ long and 4″ wide it’s just big
enough for my phone charger, my camera battery charger, an extra USB and
my beloved Mophie.
Plus the separate compartments keep me even more untangled than a plain
old pouch. There might be hope for my handbag, after all! –Liz

Find the Take Charge charger case spot online at Spoon Sisters