MacBook AirAfter lugging my gigantic MacBook Pro around with me around town for work, and then on a few business trips, I decided that it might be time to look at something smaller. I own several netbooks, but unless I’m just checking email or doing light word processing, they just don’t have the capability or convenience I need.

And after checking out a few of the PC ultrabook reviews, I decided to take the plunge and purchase a MacBook Air. And let me just say, I couldn’t be more pleased with my decision. 

If you’re wondering if a MacBook Air is worth the price (and all the hype), here are a few reasons why I’m a convert.

1. Size does matter

I purchased the 11-inch MacBook Air, which, believe it or not, is even lighter and thinner than an iPad. This makes it the perfect size for popping in your bag, whether you’re hitting the coffee shop for a quick work session, or traveling to far away lands. Especially for those of us writers who tend to bring our laptops everywhere.

However, unlike most netbooks, the Air has a full-sized keyboard with the handy trackpad that works magically with OS X Lion. And while the screen is smaller, it is back lit and offers full screen capabilities for sites that always required me to scroll back and forth and up and down on my netbook. 

2. Fast like a Thunderbolt

The new MacBook Airs are equipped with new i5 and i7 Intel processors, which just means that it’s 2.5 times faster than the older MacBook Airs–and faster than my new-ish MacBook Pro. That’s crazy fast.

Also, it comes with the Thunderbolt I/O, which turns your teeny tiny computer into a complete desktop work station, with an HD Camera, built-in microphone, and quick charge with your powercord and Thunderbolt cable. Use it, and the data transfer speed is unreal. Perfect for us impatient multi-tasking moms.

3. The Extras! Which aren’t really extras.

I’m continually amazed by the fantastic hi-resolution display, plus my ability to Facetime, which you can combine with the Facetime app to make calls to your loved ones provided they have a Mac, iPad 2, or the iPhone 4/4S. And the stereo speakers are pretty darn impressive. If you listen to music while you work like I do, you won’t even notice a different in sound from your larger laptop. 

 MacBook Air

Bonus: It’s pretty! 

So that might not be the sole reason you should buy a $1000 notebook, but wow, I still can’t get over the sleek design of the MacBook Air. And I’m not alone. I get people stopping me all the time to ask about it. 

The caveats: If you tend to use a CD/DVD drive, then this is obviously not the computer for you, because there is none. And my eyes do appreciate the larger screen of my MacBook Pro when I get back home. 

But if you work on the go and want something that has as many features as your desktop or laptop, maybe more, the MacBook Air is definitely worth the investment. Just ask my shoulder. -Kristen

You can purchase the MacBook Air (available in 11 inch and 13 inch) at, as well as at your local Apple Store or at Best Buy.  And’s only two weeks til Mother’s Day. Just a thought?