Women's camera bag at Jo Totes
Now that I’m getting back in the habit of carrying around an actual camera, as well as my trusty iPhone, I’m starting to eye all the fabulous dual-use camera bags out there that can double as purses too. 

Wow, they’ve come a long way, baby. 

Camera bag / purse combo from Jo Totes
This gorgeous women’s camera bag
at Jo Totes comes in an array of six bright, fun colors, but I think
I’m really digging this happy marigold. On the outside it looks like a
faux leather vintage handbag, but a half-inch of foam on the inside
along the compartments and large zippered pockets, mean it’s perfect for
that DLSR. 

because good cameras tend to weigh more than smart phones, it even
comes with a detachable shoulder strap. All for under $90. Sweet. –Liz

Find the beautiful “Rose” women’s camera bag from Jo Totes.

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