Barnes & Noble NOOK Simple Touch with GlowLightAs great as the e-ink technology is for outdoor and daylight reading, you can’t read it in the dark. Which is what my husband rather unfortunately discovered the first time he tried to read his new Kindle in bed.

Well now with Barnes & Noble’s newest gadget, you can read your e-reader anytime, no booklight required.

The brand new NOOK Simple Touch with GlowLight allows you to read in the
dark thanks to a soft glow light that lights your screen evenly, and
turns on instantly with brightness adjustment by touch. Different than
the back-lit technology that you see in the iPad (which isn’t ideal in direct sunlight, and is not
supposed to be great on the eyes over long periods), GlowLight is made
specifically for an e-ink device and provides a glow rather than a
bright screen effect.

With an anti-glare screen and the same amazing battery life as the
regular NOOK, you can still take it everywhere you go and enjoy it
outside in the bright daylight, or in bed before you hit the sack. And
it’s actually the lightest NOOK of all. No pun intended.

For $139, it’s about $40 more than the original NOOK Simple Touch, but
sounds worth it. Especially if you’ve been sucked into the Hunger Games trilogy,
but have a light sensitive bed partner. Ahem. -Kristen

Pre-order the new NOOK Simple Touch with GlowLight which will be available on May 1 at Barnes & Noble. Perfect for Mother’s Day!