Save old photos and documents online with 1000 MemoriesWhen I opened the mysterious package that arrived for me this week, I was surprised to pull out a vintage hat box. Surprised and happy–since vintage hat boxes are one of my most favorite things. Inside, there was all this cool ephemera…a very smart way of introducing me to 1000 Memories.

1000 Memories at first glance is like Pinterest meets Instagram meets a mobile scanner–a way of easily uploading then sorting your own photos into albums by topic.

Each album is called, smartly, a shoebox, and if you head to the site’s gallery now you can explore topics like weddings, camp photos, vacations, and not surprisingly, My Parents Were Awesome.

Basically you upload photos directly, use the ShoeBox App to scan right from your iPhone [edited to add: and now for Android phones] if they’re not already
digitized, or upload directly from Facebook or Instagram, which is a smart touch.

While the sharing aspect is kind of nice, what I think is even better
using the site to share with a locked, closed group–like having a place
for your high school class to upload images for an upcoming reunion. Or
amassing pics, love letters and postcards that your cousins have for a
surprise anniversary album for your grandparents.

ShoeBox app for photo scanning and storage

The other thing you can do is post the pics directly to your Facebook
timeline, should you be devastated that yours only starts around 2009,
and not RIGHT FROM BIRTH. (Eh, some people really don’t like unfinished

As someone whose most prized possessions are the photo albums I’ve
inherited through the generations, I’m excited to play around with this a
little more. I’d love the peace of mind of knowing that my pictures are
safe somewhere, besides my bookshelf. –Liz

Check out and download the companion
ShoeBox App for iOS and now for Android phones to start storing, sharing, and saving all those precious photos.