Apple cards app
When Apple launched the iPhone 4S, I was so excited about Siri that I breezed right by their card app which allows you to create and send paper cards from your iOS device. Well since its launch, they’ve tweaked the app as well as added a slew of new cards for Mother’s Day, making this the perfect way to get a real card in the mail without having to leave your couch. 

Simply download the free Cards app onto your device (iPad seems like the best bet), then sift through the 28 new Mother’s Day cards they’ve added. Customize with your message and even a photo, and then pay using your Apple ID — so handy!

I really like that you will now be notified when your cards have been delivered. But hurry; If you want your cards to arrive before Mother’s Day here in the US, you’ll want to design and order them today. But even if they don’t make it in time, at least you’ll get that postmark. Thought that counts? -Kristen

You can download the free Apple cards app from iTunes. Prices vary based on card and delivery location. 

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