chilewich iphone caseThere’s a secret club of Chilewich iPhone case owners, of which I am a member. There’s no password, no clubhouse, no weird hazing rituals. We just flash our phones at one another with a knowing glance, that we are in on the secret.

Now, I imagine there’s going to be a few more joining our club.

Three new styles of the Chilewich iPhone 4 case by Griffin
have just launched for spring, featuring the same woven textile design
that designer Sandi Chilewich has been known for for ages. (You’ve seen
her placemats, trust me.) Turns out that particular vinyl weave makes the case
perfectly grippy, while the Griffin design gives amazing protection,
especially with the curved front corners which are raised above the
screen instead of sitting flush with the phone.

I am a chronic phone dropper and have yet to crack a screen with this case over the last two years.

chilewich iphone cases

The new designs are neither masculine nor feminine; they’re just cool
looking. One caveat though: over time, the textile layer can peel away
from the actual casing on some cases. Should that happen with these new
ones, a spot of super glue will do the trick. And it’s worth it. In my experience, these
cases look new and clean pretty much forever.

Welcome to the club friends. Flash me your phone if ever you see me and I’ll show you the secret handshake. –Liz

Find the new Chilewich iPhone 4 cases (which also fits the 4S) plus cases for the iPhone 3G and iPod touch online from Griffin Technology.