Sadly, a single quarter is kind of useless these days, save for 10 measly minutes on a parking meter. But thanks to technology and smart design, a quarter is now super useful. Even your iPhone is sitting up to take notice.

When I saw the Coin 4 iPhone case case I was wildly intrigued. The idea is that, using the various slots on back, you can find exactly the angle you need to prop up your phone with a single coin. No stands or accessories or Transformer-esque cases–just a coin.

We haven’t tried one out ourselves yet, but some reports say that the back is slightly thick and rounded to make it easier to grip, which might be a different feel than you’re used to. And it has that kind of I.M. Pei Louvre Pyramid look. You should probably only consider it if you’re past the Cheerio crumbs coating your diaper bag where you keep your phone phase.
In conclusion, I leave you with the strange poetry that Taiwanese creator Urban Prefer uses to describe their product: “On the crossing boulevard, explore the views in every place, find the corner in your dream and stay there quietly.”

If that doesn’t sell it, nothing will.~Delilah

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