Father's Day gift idea: Picture Keeper USB photo storageAs Father’s Day creeps up, I think about all the cameras and photo gifts that some lucky guys are going to get. Then I think about all the photo storage they’re going to need. (Especially you new daddies!) While there are plenty of options in terms of external hard drives and cloud storage, here’s one little gadget that makes remarkable amount of sense.

The Picture Keeper
is a clever name for a USB drive with 8GB of memory. That’s enough to
store up to 8,000 photos. But it’s not just a USB drive, it’s got smart
search functions, and can be set not to import duplicate photos. When I
saw it on the Hammacher-Schlemmer site, I thought ooh…that could come
in handy, when we’re trying to give the grandparents 100 photos they’ve
been asking for; or plug it into a digital photo frame on a desktop and
never get bored of the same vacation photos. Nifty. –Liz

The Picture Keeper USB photo storage is available at Hammacher.com and has a 10 year guarantee. I’d imagine you’d run out of space by then anyway.