Considering that the Instagram app is so popular these days, it’s no surprise that someone finally created a prototype for a camera based on the Instagram technology. Except it actually takes and prints pictures.

The Instagram Socialmatic Camera would be the first Instagram photo camera that functions the same way as the actual app. Along with the 16GB memory as well as WiFi and Bluetooth, the camera has two main lenses, one for the main capture and then another for the 3D filters. And even cooler, it’s intended to have an internal printing and paper cartridge, so you can print your photos instantly, a la Polaroid. And of course, you could share your photos to Facebook as well.

It’s only a concept camera right now, but who knows. With a little funding, this could be on sale before the Instagram app launches for Blackberry. I’m not entirely kidding.

Would you buy an Instagram Socialmatic camera? Visit their site for more detailed information, as well as how you can fund this project. 

Editor’s Note: Exciting news! Looks like the Socialmatic Instant camera will be produced starting in 2014 thanks to the folks at Polaroid.

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