I’m as addicted to Spotify, Pandora, and iTunes as everyone else, but the teenage girl in me still gets all swoony over the thought of a mix tape. Remember what it was like, holding that plastic rectangle of dreams for the first time and decoding every message your crush had hidden in The Cure’s lyrics?

Those old mix tapes held about 80 minutes of scratchy music, if you were lucky. But this mix tape can hold thousands of songs, photos, and even videos of you belting out Just Like Heaven at karaoke.

Behold the Cassette Tape 2.0 for iPhone from rocketcases. Quite simply, it’s a hard rubber case (or a soft silicone one if you prefer) to protect your beloved iPhone 4 or 4S. In the company’s own words, it “fits snugly and securely and makes you look rad.”

That’s a better promise than I ever got from a real mix tape.

They also have some cool retro gamer cases, like a Nintendo controller iPhone case and a Gameboy, not to mention a boom box, a keyboard, and old-fashioned cameras. You know–the kind that used film?

Now I can look “rad,” even when I’m listening to Technotronic Featuring Felly. Yay for technology! –Delilah

Find Cassette Tape 2.0 for iPhone along with new iPhone cases each month at rocketcases. Shipping is $3, but they’ll ship it for free if you Share or Tweet about them. Nice!

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