iRetrofone iPhone stand and charger
Call me nostalgic, but there’s just something so awesome about the combination of old gadgets and new technology. (Witness: our love for the Pop Phone headset.) And that’s exactly what this fantastic iPhone accessory does, in the coolest way possible. 

The iRetrofone is a completely functional iPhone stand that allows you to talk on your iPhone using the receiver. Talk about old skool! It’s compatible with the iPhone 3G up through the 4S, letting you sync and charge with your own USB cord. It’s not just a swanky addition to any office space, it’s actually pretty functional, keeping some cell phone radiation away from your head, and helping you avoid those awkward hang-ups and accidental key tones that occur when you (or your kids) accidentally bump your iPhone touch screen. 
I can’t quite think of a cooler desktop accessory for that retro-loving dad in your life for Father’s Day, though given how fab it is, you might be tempted to steal it for yourself.  I think best of all is stumping your kids who will undoubtedly ask you “what that thing is on your desk.” Sigh. -Kristen

You can purchase the iRetrofone iPhone accessory from their Etsy shop. 

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