The Harmonica Pocket Happy Mother's Day
May you wake up tomorrow to hugs and something yummy for Mother’s Day breakfast that you didn’t have to make for yourself. And whenever your day starts to feel like any other Sunday, here’s a song you can crank up and play to remind the world that this is your day. 

The mellow-reggae backing of The Harmonica Pocket’s Happy Mother’s Day is the perfect tempo for slow dancing with the kids in the kitchen. I love the unusual minor harmonies between lead singers Keeth Apgar and Nala Walla contrasted again the super-sweet lyrics.

So, kids: No fighting, tantrums, whining, screeching or banging the cup angrily on the high chair. Otherwise, Mama is going to turn up the volume.  –Christina

Download a free copy of Happy Mother’s Day from The Harmonica Pocket’s Bandcamp page. Love their sound? Check out our review of their last release, Ladybug One.

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