Free Mother's Day ecard
We love how diverse families have become and we definitely recognize that the typical Mother’s Day card might not meet everyone families needs. Luckily, we found a site with free Mother’s Day e-cards that acknowledge all kinds of moms and all kinds of families.

And we think that’s just awesome.

The e-cards from Strong Families reflect their belief that every family should have the rights, recognition, and resources it needs to thrive. The designs reflect a wide range of family dynamics, races, and emotions, including families with two moms, a single mom, a grandmom, and moms who have suffered losses. Yes, I’m tearing up typing that, because I’m one of them, and it’s touching to see such a universal and often hidden sentiment publicly honored.

There’s also a card just to honor caregivers, which is pretty cool. Plus not every mom featured is Caucasian, which is more rare than you might think.

It’s easy to send an e-card– just click the design you like, add your message and email information, and know that you’re making the day of an extraordinary woman, whoever she might be.~Delilah
Find free Mother’s Day e-cards for all kinds of moms online at at

[thanks whitney!]

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