Storia iPad app - ebooks for kids from ScholasticMy kids, like many, fall into the “Quasimodo trance” as I call it when they are alone with my iPad and play mindless games. They sit, hunched over and when asked a question, simply respond with grunts and indiscernible noises. Not so when they engage with interactive books, instead of apps that require nothing more than tapping and staring (and evidently, grunting).

That’s why I was excited to check out the new Storia app
from Scholastic books. Storia essentially creates a virtual bookshelf
for your children (you can create up to 10 shelves) with
content specific to their age and reading level.

The app itself
comes with five free books, or purchase more from the online Storia e-bookstore. They’ll automatically get synced
to whichever bookshelf you assign it to, and then your kids can get
reading right away. The app also comes with “Parent Tools” that tracks
your kid’s reading progress, time spent, and the kinds of
words she learned using the built-in Smart Dictionary. 

What’s great is that if your child is already
part of the Scholastic Book Club program at school, your purchases are
linked to your existing account That means any Storia e-book buys will still earn
credits for your teachers that can be redeemed for more books or
classroom supplies. 
My kids love any iPad time they get. If more of
said iPad time is spent books, well, that’s something this mama loves. -Jeana 

The Storia iPad app is free from iTunes and comes with five free e-books. Any additional e-book purchases can made through the e-bookstore at