Free designer desktop wallpapers from Herman Miller
Since I work off a five-year-old laptop that looks like a Commodore 64 next to some of the newer laptops on the market, I’m always looking for ways to spruce it up. I frequently update my desktop wallpaper with kids’ photos and change the design of my Google homepage on occasion, but I recently discovered another colorful way to add more beauty to my screen.

And it’s free.

These free wallpaper downloads
from the iconic Herman Miller not only brighten desktops, but iPhones and
iPads as well. What makes them even more lovely is that each wallpaper
image represents a way in which the designers define community, and comes with a
brief description of how they see it.

It’s rather inspiring. And fun to read about the designs that nod to Alexander Girard or George Nelson.

Herman Miller free desktop wallpaper
With 11 different patterns to choose from, I have the rest of the summer covered for at least pretending I have a new laptop. -Jeana 

Dress up your desktop with free wallpaper from Herman Miller. 

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