500XL Giant Earbud speakers If you’ve got a gadget-head dad in your life who has everything already, or you just want to give him something that’s sure to turn a few heads at the office, then I have found the gift for you.

Though I have to admit, they’re so cool I might just have to buy a pair for myself. 

I think I might have laughed out loud at these 500XL Giant Earbud speakers at Fred Flare. Just add a couple of batteries and hook them up to your laptop or mp3 player to blast your tunes. On your desk, that is, not in your ears.

I’m pretty sure you’ll instantly make Dad the coolest kid on the block. Or in his cubicle. Or wherever he plugs them in. Plus, think of all the jokes you can make: Has anyone seen my earbuds? will never get old.  -Kristen

You can purchase the 500XL Giant Earbud speakers at Fred Flare