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Thank goodness there are Bluetooth devices like the Parrot MINIKIT+ for my car, because toting around four girls means I have become a multi-tasking master of question-answering, argument-refereeing and sippy-cup wrangling all while doing the carpool. So a great hands-free device is not only a legal requirement, but a sanity saver, too. 

Here’s why this one has some great features beyond other Bluetooth devices,  that make it one to consider. Especially if having an actual personal secretary next to you in your car is out of the budget. 

For starters, the Parrot device is capable of managing two mobile devices and will assign each one its own unique ringtone. This means that when your partner or other passenger is in the car, they can take advantage of the hands-free features, too. The Parrot will automatically sync its directory with your phone contacts (up to 2000 contacts. Whoa.) which allows you to not only dial by name, but means it will also announce any incoming phone call when the person appears in your contact list. All the menu options are available with a simple twist of the click-wheel.

When a call comes in, the Parrot will ask you to “accept” or “reject” the call and dialing is as simple as the press of a button. And if you want to get really fancy, you can add a subscription service that will allow you to text or send emails by voice. 
Here’s another little feature that comes in really handy when you have a car full of kiddos–you can actually connect it with your phone’s playlist to play music through the pretty powerful little speaker on the device. So not only can you play some tunes, you can also control the volume, say, if your two year-old gets her hands on your phone while you’re driving. 
One more reason I adore the Parrot MINIKIT+? On a recent roadtrip when the kids were allowed to watch a movie on my iPad, the sound was hard to hear for the backseat riders. By connecting my iPad to the Parrot MINIKIT+, I was able to let the kids in the back get much better sound for the movie by using the speaker on the Parrot and not the speakers on my iPad which were muffled by the case. 
Then, when a call came in on my phone, the Parrot overrode the movie, to let me talk hands-free. Perfection.-Molly
The Parrot MINIKIT+ is compatible with all Bluetooth mobile phones and smartphones on the market. You can find out more information about the device including where to purchase on their website.

Congratulations to Donna F!  She won a Parrot MINIKIT+.