Video swim mask
This weekend, my daughter took a dip in a pool wearing her cousin’s goggles. She emerged giggly, delighted with the newfound discovery of how cool it is to see underwater. So when I found this swim mask that does even more than help you see, I thought…ooh. Must explore.

The Video Swim Mask
takes underwater snaps one step further, as the only mask that
integrates a fully functioning video camera. You can toggle between film
and stills, then just press the shutter to grab all those shots of
beautiful coral, stunning sea creatures–or small children peeing.
Depending where you’re filming, of course.

The 16MB memory only gives you about 52 seconds of video (or 27 stills)
so you’d have to add a microSD card to expand your memory (up to 2GB)
which seems worthwhile.

You can use it up to 15 feet deep, so it’s definitely not for pros. Nor
is it priced that way. And it’s recommended for ages 13+, which may have
a much to do with the sizing as the ease of operation. I haven’t tried
it myself yet but it’s going to happen. Probably very soon. –Liz

Find the Video Swim Mask online at Think Geek for $99.


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