Gustafer YellowgoldMy loud-noise-averse son finally agreed to see the fireworks this year and was hooked after the first BOOM. But I’m not about to put on Baby You’re a Firework to keep the spirit going; instead, I found this tune from Gustafer Yellowgold that celebrates that big party in the sky in a way that’s perfect for kids.

Fireworks! describes those “diamonds in a pie, exploding in the sky” with a chorus of Bang Bang Bang’s and some pow-pow drums that sound like little explosions. Morgan Taylor’s mellow and appealing voice carry the kid-friendly lyrics that still sound fresh to us older people too.

Kind of like a good fireworks display, this is one bit of entertainment the entire family can enjoy. But unlike those fireworks, this one can stick around a lot longer.-Christina

Download a copy of Gustafer Yellowgold’s Fireworks! from iTunes. And, catch the cool music video which stars Gustafer and all his critter friends.

[h/t owtk]