Free custom iPhone wallpaper from Wedding Chicks
While a business called Wedding Chicks was originally intended for brides (shocking!) we’re glad to know they’re thinking of the rest of us too. Because they’re designing totally free, beautiful custom wallpapers for your iPhone, that you don’t have to be in the honeymoon phase to love.

There are fifteen different custom monogram iPhone wallpaper designs available at Wedding Chicks. I love the foxes, of course, but you’ll also find initials, silhouettes, hummingbirds, crests, paper airplanes, hearts, a Harry Potter-esque winged key, and one seriously wicked anchor.

A few of them havethat shmoopy-woopy wedding-y vibe, but not all of them. For example, with the foxes, you could just insert your kids’ initials instead of your spouse’s. Well, so long as your kids’ names aren’t Thomas and Anna. Because you don’t need to advertise foxy T&A on your phone. Heh.~Delilah
Find free custom phone wallpaper at Wedding Chicks. 

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